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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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capt captioning sponsored by cbs e. >> quijano: america on the move. >> this is i've never seen it like this. >> quijano: the busiest holiday rush in nearly a decade. millions jam highways, airports, and trains. plus a security lockdown for the thanksgiving also tonight, two women join the trump team, haley for u.n. ambassador, devos for education secretary. buying groceries just got a whole lot easier. >> it's a great time to be a it's a tough time to be a supermarket.and- >> quijano: and... >> we're under the lincoln memorial.un we're about 75 feet underground. >> quijano: a national treasure is being restored by the monuments man. this is the cbs evening news
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good evening, scott is off tonight. i'm elaine quijano. thithis is our western edition. americans are on a mission to see family or friends and get there in time for thanksgiving dinner. it won't be easy. the 405 in los angeles was packed in both directions well before dawn. airport security lines snaked around terminals. nearly 49 million plan to travel 50 miles or more, the most since 2007. the vast majority are driving gallon for gas, among the lowest prices in years. we have a team of correspondents covering this. first, kris van cleave at reagan national airport outside d.c.el >> reporter: elaine, the airlines are pretty happy with the way the day is going. so far, only about 40 flights delayed as of early evening on the east coast, some 3.7 million people expected to fly this holiday weekend. many of them are still in line as the airports are bracing for.
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from denver to chicago o'hare and in boston, long lines greeted holiday fliers. >> this is i've never seen it like this before, and i've traveled here for the past three years.g is >> reporter: thanksgiving is the airline's super bowl.wo the world is watching. and dave holz is watchingd weather and delays from delta's operation center in atlanta. >> we're looking far enough out in advance so when we do run into some of those impactful items, we are prepared for it we get adjust airlines, and get things back oa their feet. >> it's going to be a bigid weekend. >> reporter: t.s.a. administrator peter neffenger. do you have any concerns aboutlt the thanksgiving holiday? >> there are no particular credible threat streams we're following right now, just the standard concerns you have about aviation security, and we're going to be on top of >> reporter: i'm david begnaud. motorists on the washington, d.c. beltway this afternoon were stuck in the country's worst
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bottleneck that backed up for 12 miles. a.a.a. said more than 33 millioh people are expected to drive to their thanksgiving diswinnation, that's nearly a million moret people than last year. traffic fatalities are up 10% in the first half of this year, ani that's a big concern on a travel day like this. the automobile club expects to s help out 370,000 people who will have some kind of car trouble. the only trouble the homan family had today was space.ti brad homan and christy hope decided to use the sports car for the family tp how long is the trip? >> it's about five hours. >> reporter: you all are some troopers. >> we have to take a break. >> there's a little bit of complaining going on, just a little bit. we had to get out of the car for that reason. >> yeah. >> reporter: right now, we are in bumper-to-bumper traffic in ft. lauderdale, florida. we're on i-95 and it's moving at about 13 miles per hour. a little tip for you-- try notor to travel home on sunday if you can avoid it. according to the mobile app
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240% on sunday. from the roads to the rails, it's also pretty busy right now at the nation's train stations.n >> reporter: i'm michelle miller at penn station in new york city, where holiday travelers rushed to get seated on mostly sold-out trains. penn station is the busiest hub along the northeast corridor, servicing trains every two to three minutes. nationwide this year, 750,000 people will be riding the rails. long lines drove some travelers a bit stir crazy, but with trains running on schedule, passengers like eugene deloatch tried to enjoy the ride. >> smooth and quiet.ot >> reporter: the day before thanksgiving. >> early. >> reporter: early. >> it was early, yes. >> reporter: that's the key? >> that is the key. >> reporter: with new york on high alert from threats of terror this evening, amtrak's w c.e.o. wick moorman said they they've added more highly trained police and canine units to their patrols.. >> it's a big, big presence here and a lot of planning to keep it safe.ter:
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of the people around me areeo looking at 30-minute delays, possibly even longer, elaine. that's because someone wasar struck and killed by an amtrak train late this afternoon infi delaware, causing the temporary suspension of traffic along the northeast corridor. >> quijano: all right, thank you, michelle miller, david begnaud, and kris van cleave. a wintry mix of snow, sleet, and rain made for tough sleddingpe today in minnesota and across the upper midwest. more ice and snow are expected tomorrow from northern nn england. rain is expected elsewhere in the northeast. the pacific northwest is bracing for heavy rain and snow in the mountains. among the new additions to the thanksgiving parade in new york city are trucks filled with sand. jericka duncan says they're rolling in to protect an expected crowd of three million. >> reporter: as the parade balloons began to take shape, so
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metal barricades will line the nearly three-mile-long route. canines will sniff for explosives as more than 3,000. uniformed officers watch the crowds. you actually prefer the extra security. >> i do.t' i think that it's appropriate. >> reporter: this afternoon, 81 sand-filled sanitation trucks started blocking intersections to prevent a terrorist attack like the one in nice, france, last july. the radical islamic terror group isis recently named the parade an excellent target in its online magazine. security cameras, police have established limited pedestrian entrance points and created a web of street closures around the parade's final blocks. new york city mayor bill de blasio: >> n.y.p.d. is more than ready to handle anything that is going on around us and to work with f everyone to make sure it's a safe and fun day for everyone who attends.r: >> reporter: police vans like the one behind me that are throughout this city are command
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way. that is where police officerse can monitor and watch some of that surveillance coming in live. now, authorities tell us an additional security challenge this year, elaine, president-elect donald trump's residence is just one block away from the parade >> quijano: jericka duncan, thank you.y, president-elect trump was busy with his transition today, naming two women for top posts. betsy devos, a republican party ul donor, for education secretary, and in a twist, nikki haley for u.n. ambassador. here's julianna goldman. >> governor nikki haley. >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley was one ofl the republican party's loudest critics of its eventual nominee. >> during anxious times, it can be tempting to follow the sirenn call of the angriest voices. we must resist that temptation. >> reporter: and mr. trump didn't spare her, either, tweeting in march, "the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley.""b to which she replied, "bless
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t but haley is now calling the president-elect a friend. >> we are currently living through what may be the most interesting time in american political history. >> reporter: haley, an indian-th american, diversifies the president-elect's personnel picks and helps him extend ane olive branch to the party establishment, but she lacks the foreign policy experience of previous u.n. ambassadors. mr. trump's other pick today, g.o.p. donor betsy devos, was for a cabinet post hid >> i may cut the department of education. >> reporter: devos is a stronger advocate for school voucher programs and charter schools and says she's against the voluntary national education standardsga known as common core, which mr. trump wants to abolish >> we will provide school choice and put an end to common core. we're bringing our education local. o >> reporter: jeb bush, one of mr. trump's former opponents and a common core supporter, callede
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l today that the president-elect has settled on former rival dr. ben carson to head the department of housing and urban development. >> the inner cities, you can'tt walk to the store for a loaf of bread. you get shot. >> reporter: while no formalwh announcement was made, carson, who would be the first african american in mr. trump's cabinet, hinted in a facebook post that he's accepted the position writing that he can help make "our inner cities great for everyone." for secretary of state, rudy giuliani is still in the running, and so is mr. trump's number one g.o.p. critic, mitt romney. but some of thein president-elect's advisers are lobbying against him. so, elaine, nikki haley may have checked the box for assembling that so-called team of rivals. >> quijano: julianna goldman, thank you. in tennessee tonight, five children are still fighting for their lives after the monday bus crash that killed five school mates. manuel bojorquez is in chattanooga with new information about the driver. >> reporter: this afternoon,
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24-year-old johnthony walker lost control of the school bus chattanooga police sergeant austin garrett: >> we received toxicology reports back today from the tennessee bureau of investigation that shows no trace of alcohol or drugs in the driver's system. >> reporter: today, the n.t.s.b. said it was looking into why walker was not driving on a designated bus route. he is being held on vehicular manslaughter charges while investigators review video and black box recordings from the factors, like excessive speed. investigators are also looking a into claims some parents had complained about walker's driving in the past. while he has no previous criminal history, records show he was in a minor accident while driving a school bus two months ago. walker was hired by a private contractor, durham school services. c.e.o. david a. duke released td this video statement today. >> my responsibility now is to look for answers, answers about
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answers for how we can make sure that this never, ever happens again. >> reporter: the crash has left this community deep in mourning. lafrederick thirkill's nine-year-old cousin, cordayja jones, died in the crash.y what has this community lost? >> oh, this community has lost some beautiful spirits, some beautiful angels, some students that made many people's lives brighter. and i know that, as my family, many fam >> reporter: doctors at this hospital say some students arrived here so scared and dazed they were not able to spellbi their names or remember their own birthdays. elaine, most have now been released, including six today.k >> quijano: manuel bojorquez. manuel, thank you. in the south of england this week, an unusual item went up for auction, the skeleton of a bird taller and heavier than a turkey, hunted into extinction centuries ago.s
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at >> i'm going to start the bidding at 250,000 pounds. with me at 250,000 pounds. >> reporter: more than a thllection of old bones was on the block at this auction. those bones, once assembled, formed the world's most famous dead bird, the dodo.r: t >> "dead as a dodo" just rollssa off the tongue beautifully doesn't it.ju >> reporter: the phrase stuck, says dodo expert errol fuller, not just because it was catchy, but because the dodo's extinction is so well documented. hu e the bird on the indian ocean island of mauritius in the late 1500s. within about 80 years, the hapless and significantly flightless bird was gone, dead as. the dodo has been and i think for more than 300 years, yet it is still the most importantn symbol of what mankind can do ta nature if it isn't careful or if it doesn't care. yet, the dodo, and its lessons, live again.
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260,000 pounds now. >> reporter: it's hard to put a price on a lesson, but auction house owner rufus van der werff says he was selling an is this an example of man's folly? >> it really brings it home tha we can have a big impact on the environment. >> reporter: make no bones about a >> animal and bird species are being made extinct at a fasterwa rate than ever, and that is, one way or another, our fault, or mankind's fault. so whether we're actually learning the lesson, i don't think i'd like to >> reporter: or whether we'll become the next >> well, that's a possibility, too. >> all done. >> reporter: the bird went for... >> 280,000 pounds. and sold. >> reporter: ...about $416,000 with commissions, a big price for a big lesson. mark phillips, cbs news, billingshurst, england. >> quijano: next on the cbs evening news, new technology is
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for simple. what's in your wallet? >> quijano: if you're like a lot of people, you waited in a longp line at the supe lot of people, you waited in ath long line at the supermarket and paid through the nose for your thanksgiving feast.y but john blackstone reports there may be a smarter way. >> reporter: attention shoppers-- the $600 billion grocery industry in america is in upheaval with growing technology offering shoppers new ways to find bargains. what's the most you've saved using this? s >> yeah, so, i'd say, like, 25%. >> reporter: mary lemmer does comparative shopping using a smart phone app called >> i buy strawberries, apples, carrots, avocados. >> reporter: the app calculates the total cost of her groceries at nearby marketsp sometimes whole foods has the lowest price but not this time.
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$42.07, and my basket at whole foods would be $56.50. so that's how much i could save. >> reporter: customers of zaycon fresh save by ordering online and then lining up when thelf zaycon delivery truck comes to their areas. bulk orders of chicken cost about half the supermarket price. >> just pull on up and get yourr chicken and the price is a good deal for what you're getting.old >> reporter: the six-year-oldre company sells direct from farmers to online shoppers and now makes parking lot deliveries at 1,200 locations nationwide. >> 160 pounds. >> reporter: mike conrad is zaycon's cofounder. >> it's almost like a concierge service, you know.ut they don't have to get out of the car.y >> reporter: online grocery sales are expected to rise from $16 billion in 2015 to $42 billion this year. supermarket news retailer editor john springer:>>
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you know, giving that consumer those two hours they spendre s shopping back every week. >> reporter: it's also giving supermarkets another big competitor-- amazon, which plans to open stores where shoppers can pick up onlineor grocery orders. >> it's a great time to be a shopper. it's a tough time to be aan supermarket. >> reporter: in the supermarket wars, technology is giving shoppers an upper john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> quijano: coming up, who were president obama's adorable guests will at his final turkey pardoning ceremony? here was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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>> quijano: a giant water slidei slide where a 10-year-old boyil was killed last summer will now be torn down. caleb schwab was decapitated in the accident in kansas city, kansas. he was the son of state representative scott schwab. an investigation is ongoing. once that's finished, the demolition will begin. ralph branca, the brooklyn dodgers pitcher who gave up the shot heard 'round the world, has
5:52 pm
ia >> the giants won the pennant! the giants won the pennant! >> branca surrendered that famous home run to the new yorkm giants' bobby thompson in 1951 and handled it with branca was one of jackie robinson's biggest supportersin1 when robinson broke baseball's color barrier in 1947. ralph branca was 90.d surveillance cameras captured a frightening moment at new york's grand central terminal today when a man's e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. he suffered third-degree burns. e-cigarette batteries are known to explode. the department of transportation has banned them from commercial flights. thanks to a presidential pardon, two turkeys named "tater" and "tot" may live to see another thanksgiving. president obama carried out the tradition, joined by his young nephews, austin and aaron robinson. they seemed to enjoy the ceremony more than their sas
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i get it. but you know i think you own too much. gotta manage your risk. and you've gotta switch to decaf. an honest opinion, even if you disagree. with 13,000 financial advisors, it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. >> quijano: as a divided america gathers to celebrate america gathers to celebrate thanksgiving, it's worth noting the national holiday was established by abraham lincoln in 1863 to unite the country as the civil war raged. chip reid met someone who's making sure the legacy of our 16th president lives on.ic >> this place has a great deal of historic meaning to all >> reporter: it's not every
5:57 pm
the lincoln memorial, and the tour guide is a billionaire. where does he rank in your pantheon of american presidents? >> we've had a lot of great presidents, but there's no doubt that lincoln held the countryic together, and therefore, is probably our greatest president. >> reporter: financier david rubenstein has spent tens ofs millions of his own fortunes to refurbish everything from the iwo jima memorial to thes washington monument. >> if lincoln were to stand up he would be 28 feet tall. >> reporter: now he's giving anothe8. parks service to repair this memorial's stained walls and and leaky roof and to scrub clean two iconic murals and some of the most moving and important words ever uttered by an american president. but the biggest change will bee underground. where are we right now? >> right now, we're under the>>r lincoln memorial.he >> reporter: for the first time, tourists will be able to see the subterranean cavern that looks like a cathedral and to view graffiti sketched by construction workers almost 100
5:58 pm
si the visitor center will be in this area?or c >> the visitor center will be up here.t' >> reporter: that's right, ae massive 15,000-square-foot underground educational center will dramatically change the lincoln memorial experience. >> so there will be much more opportunity to learn about lincoln and to really come away from this lincoln memorial with a real sense of who lincoln was and what he did. >> reporter: why do you do this? >> i do it because i think i'm giving back to my country in a small, modest way, perhaps, and hope i'll inspire other people to do the same. see other people see what you do. >> absolutely. i don't have the resources-- i don't have enough resource to do it myself. i want other people to do it as well. >> reporter: a mission born of rubenstein's love of his country and the great americans who gave it life. chip reid, cbs news, washington. >> quijano: a truly noble endeavor. that's the cbs evening news. for scott pelley, i'm elaine quijano. happy thanksgiving, and good
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and a name.. so what's next? bill foley/vegas golden knights majority owner: "and every 3-5 minutes we're going to announce a player we have team coverage of the next steps before the vegas golden knights take the ice next year... and why they chose that name and logo... ((paul joncich)) millions are traveling for the holiday... so why is las vegas their top destination? we look at what visitors have planned for their thanksgiving holiday.... ((denise but don't want to cook? we break down the options for dinner.. from the most affordable.. to the most elegant... ((tedd florendo )) and big changes headed our way after a nice thanksgiving holiday. details coming up on the valley's news leader
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the n-h-l expansion team will hit the ice next year. and we have team coverage... chris matthius will tell us how they picked the logo in just a second. ((paul joncich)) >> we start with patrick walker.. who shows us how far we've come in such a short amount of time... and what the team still has to get done. ((patrick walker)) what a whirlwind it has been as las vegas... and the state of nevada... secured its first professional sports team. but as far as we've come... there's still a lot to do... and not long to get it done. ((patrick walker)) in less than a year... a preseason stop for the n-h-l. the vegas golden knights will be the home team. bill foley first spoke with us about his goal to bring hockey to the desert... from his home in white fish, montana. ((bill foley/vegas golden knights majority owner: now is the time for las vegas to have a major sports franchise... you just tick off the reasons and las vegas is ready." )) ((patrick walker)) he has delivered. foley smashed his 10-thousand seat season ticket commitment goal... which swayed the n-h-l to award las vegas a franchise on june 22nd... 2016.


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